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Chilled champagne is waiting in a shiny bucket until waiter fills polished glasses. And this moment comes as a cork is flying high up to the destiny, happiness, when…when someone appears - DJ Glosny. Giving a warm welcome to all the most important guests I drink a toast to… isn’t it tempting ? I invite you to get to know with my offer.

My name is Maciej Glos, so in polish this means I am a „voice”. For that reason the answer to the question why DJ Glosny is obvious, I guess :).

Since I was 11, almost every summer holidays (they last approx. 2 months here in Poland) I spent In Germany. I brought uncountable number of unique vinyl records, later on those were CD albums.  These records were extremely attractive and it was a rule that always someone borrowed couple of them. Unfortunately, many records from my extraordinary collection have never come back to me :). I am still a dedicated collector and music enthusiast, but I care much more and do not lend them so easily. Music – my never-ending passion and a microphone resulted in the first recording I made alone. That was a semi radio audition recorded using an old radio cassette player called “Kasprzak”, very popular in Poland. I was nearly 13 and maybe the program itself was not ambitious, but believe me, since then I gained a lot of experience :)

In 2003 I started living my life in London, where together with my golden records collection I attended professional DJ’s workshops. I bought a valuable equipment which was used in plenty of occasions like company’s events in LTD corporations plus polish-english weddings.

Nowadays, I am able to propose you an option with additional presenter, who care for your Guests and help me to integrate all people together. Depends on your expectations, I come to your wedding with Bartek or Jarek. We speak German and English Fluently and Confidently.

Today I can perform a magnificent show utilizing the newest equipment combined with my experience which will definetely charm you and your audience during the party or ceremony.